13 Movies Actually Ghost Directed By A Second Filmmaker

10. The Wachowski Brothers - V For Vendetta (2005)

Dredd Reboot
Warner Bros.

The Wachowskis were major fans of Alan Moore’s dystopian Thatcher-era comic V For Vendetta, adapting it as working screenwriters but unable to get it sold. In the wake of their Matrix success though, it was quickly green-lit by Joel Silver with Natalie Portman eagerly signing on.

Strangely though, the siblings choose not to direct this long-time passion project; one can only assume they were burnt out after the demanding back-to-back shoots of Matrix 2 & 3.

Yet, if the Wachowskis were meant to take a backseat, they certainly went about it in a round-a-bout manner, not only staying on as producers but also prevalent on-set as uncredited Second Unit Directors (according to Silver at least). Even stranger, their directorial replacement was not some new visionary but their frequent Assistant Director James McTeigue, making his film debut based on their screenplay.

From the final result, it's difficult to conclude where one filmmaker ends and the other begins, as it contains the sibling's trademark visual palette, editing panache as well as several thematic similarities from their distinct filmography.

Whatever the situation, it was amicable one at least, since McTeigue and the duo have worked together since, in a more hands-off capacity though. And McTeigue must have been grateful since the Wachowskis opportunity lead him to a consistent career as a feature director, although it must be said, his other movies came nowhere near the quality displayed with this debut.

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