13 Movies Saved By Ridiculously Last Minute Changes

Things could've been very different.

The Lord Of The Rings Viggo Mortensen Aragorn
New Line

The film world is reeling right now with the shocking recent news that Kevin Spacey is being entirely removed from his upcoming movie All the Money in the World.

Director Ridley Scott is planning to speedily reshoot Spacey's scenes with his original choice for the role, Christopher Plummer, and incredibly still plans to meet that December 22nd U.S. release date.

It's a smart, bold move that sends a potent message to Hollywood's ne'er-do-wells and unquestionably opens up the movie's commercial possibilities, ensuring that the film will enjoy a far more welcoming reception regardless of how good it actually turns out.

Scott's new movie is obviously an extreme example, but Hollywood is littered with stories of movies that received sudden alterations at the eleventh hour and were miraculously improved, even saved, as a result.

Yes, many a potentially great movie is meddled into oblivion by overly hands-on studio heads and poorly thought-out late-day decisions, but for these 13 films, the ballsy calls to recast, reshoot, and re-edit ultimately paid off dividends.


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