13 Movies That Contradict Their Own Message

About that "no kill rule"...

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Each of these 13 films has a clear moral directive, from the simple and life-affirming to the more complex and specifically relevant to society today. Each, however, is unfortunately undone by an additional, unintentional message that emerges before the end credits roll.

Clearly the filmmakers were hoping you'd just accept the overarching sentiment without protest, but if you apply any critical thought to these hit movies at all, their flabbergasting hypocrisy becomes abundantly clear.

13. Beauty & The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

The Intended Message: Looks don't matter.

The Real Message: Looks don't matter if you're secretly hot.

If you choose to read Disney's classic animation at the most basic, superficial level, it's a story about a young woman overlooking outward appearances and appreciating the heart and soul of a tortured man.

That's all well and good, but the fact that Beast transforms back into an extremely dashing hunk somewhat undermines that earnest message.

Nobody's saying he had to turn back into an uggo, but it would've made sense for him to be dead-average at best, reinforcing that Belle was won over by his good-heartedness rather than the fact he's a secret heartthrob.

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