13 Movies That Have Little Hope For Humanity

We're all doomed.

First Reformed Ethan Hawke

Reading the news is a routinely miserable experience these days, and it's easy to believe that things really are getting worse.

As such, movies can serve as a wonderful escape from real-world horror, highlighting the very best of humanity and letting you temporarily forget the void that inevitably awaits you.

And then there are films that go in the entirely opposite direction, leaning into all the hopelessness and painting a disturbing picture of how utterly screwed humanity is as a species.

This can extend from the mere fact we're all going to die to the cold, hard truth that humans will turn on each other as best suits their interests.

These films, some of them oddly comforting in their bold-faced admission of humanity's penchant for self-annihilation, should be your go-tos if you want to feed your misery and see a damn good movie at the same time...


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