13 Movies That Only IMPROVE With Age

Timeless and prophetic.

The Truman Show Jim Carrey
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Time destroys everything, or so the saying goes. And if the history of cinema has proven anything, it's that only a select few movies are able to truly weather the test of time.

You need look no further than the many 80s comedies which are undeniably "problematic" under a modern microscope, to say nothing of all of the 90s cyber-thrillers which seem laughable and chintzy by today's standards.

But every so often, there will be a film that not only holds up to modern scrutiny: it in fact grows more astonishing and entrancing as the years pass by.

13. Fight Club

Fight Club Brad Pitt

Few movies have captured a zeitgeist as successfully as David Fincher's Fight Club.

A stridently satirical film albeit one which served as a rallying cry for a generation of frustrated young men, Fincher's film literally inspired real-life fight clubs and was interpreted by its target audience as a recognition of how the "modern man" is emasculated in a world where traditional masculine attributes (i.e. violence) have little value.

Yet of course, Fight Club is not an endorsement of psychologically castrated men blowing up the world to quell their existential angst, but rather a skewering of precisely that mindset.

And in 2019, where the phrase "toxic masculinity" is firmly woven into the cultural consciousness and Fight Club is itself an unintended handbook for "incels", its deconstruction of young men who refuse to evolve couldn't feel more relevant.

And don't be surprised if the film continues to feel more complex, layered and prescient in the future.


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