13 Movies That Shocked At The Box Office In 2018

The year of the fish-man.

Aquaman Solo A Star Wars Story
Warner Bros. & Lucasfilm

2018 was without question one of the most unpredictable years for the Hollywood box office on record, arguably serving up more commercial shocks and surprises than any 12-month period ever has before.

Countless movies over-performed amid low-ball industry expectations, while some of the year's surest things inexplicably tumbled and proved audiences to be a little more discerning than predicted.

So before Disney inevitably scoops the first ever $10 billion box office haul for a single studio in a single year in 2019, let's pore over the past year's biggest box office shocks, where inclusive casting was a hot ticket to success - in conjunction with strong filmmaking, of course - and a fish-man superhero movie ended up grossing more than a Star Wars spin-off. Yup.

Though 2018 certainly had its share of sure-things - no points for calling Avengers: Infinity War's $2 billion haul or Robin Hood sinking like a stone - it was also the ultimate testament to how unpredictable general audiences truly can be.

As much as analysts love to put them in boxes and cynically predict their habits, the past year proved the sheer diversity of their tastes...

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