13 Movies You Won't Believe Are Being Rebooted Already

Do we really need to see John Carter's origins again?

With so many sequels, remakes, reboots and re-imaginings in the works these days, it really feels like Hollywood has hit a creative low. For every Christopher Nolan or Paul Thomas Anderson masterpiece, there are countless low-rent retoolings of prior works that possess no imagination whatsoever, and are just lazily relying on a world-known brand name to rinse audiences of a few more hundred million bucks. In many ways, The Amazing Spider-Man can be blamed for opening the floodgates, as it was the first truly high-profile movie reboot to come just a few short years after the original franchise wrapped up (just barely over 5 years, in fact). After movie studios realised that audiences wouldn't reject something so blatantly cash-grabbing, they've started lighting the fuses on as many tired and defunct franchises as possible, no matter how recently audiences began to tire of them... From superhero franchises that never quite took off in the first place to horror series that have long had their fill, these movies are being rebooted (in some cases for the third or fourth time) in a relatively brief period after the previous film. While studios used to have the good grace to wait 20 or 30 years to reboot or remake something, now audiences are lucky if they wait even a decade before trying to shove it down our throats once again with a re-jigged formula. Here are 13 movies you won't believe are being rebooted already.
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