13 Outrageously Awful 2015 Performances That Deserve Razzies

Somehow Adam Sandler didn't make the list...

The Razzies, aka the Golden Raspberry Awards, are the annual "anti-Oscars", celebrating the very "worst" that cinema has to offer. Though the official nominations have already been announced, they were really off the mark, so let's correct that, combing through 2015 for the most agonisingly awful performances that deserve to be recognised as such. The actual awards tend to target what's fashionable to hate rather than the genuinely worse movies and performances of the year, hence why Twilight has been repeat-nominated in the past (it's bad, but not that bad), and this year, Adam Sandler and Kevin James were picked on despite being far from the worst. In fact, it's a testament to some of the shoddy performances we've seen this past year that, despite starring in three terrible movies in 2015 (The Cobbler, Pixels and The Ridiculous 6), Sandler's work was more dull than aggressively bad (but he got a ceremonial Razzie nod anyway). Here are those who should have got nominated instead.

13. Ed Skrein - The Transporter Refueled

The Role: Frank Martin, the heroic "transporter" played by Jason Statham in three previous movies, which has now been handed to relative unknown Ed Skrein, who quit playing Daario Naharis on HBO's Game of Thrones to take the part. Why It's So Awful: Well, Skrein's no Stath, that's for sure. Granted, he doesn't exactly have a lot to work with here, but his outrageously wooden line readings inspire unintentional laughter, and he tries to get through most of the movie with that cheesy "loud whisper" that only Kiefer Sutherland seems to be able to pull off while still seeming tough. Basically, Skrein underlines everything that's wrong with the film: he's a pale imitation of what came before, and it's not exactly like The Transporter was ever Oscar-grade material anyway. He might redeem himself playing the villainous Ajax in the upcoming Deadpool, but it's unlikely.

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