13 Terrible Recent Movies Destined To Become Cult Classics

10. Gotti

The Life And Death Of John Gotti Movie

The directorial debut of Kevin Connolly - yep, that's E from Entourage - is a special kind of awful movie. Not only does it sport a nigh-on-impossible 0% on Rotten Tomatoes with almost 40 reviews, it's a textbook example of a movie so cack-handedly executed it can be easily watched as a self-parody of exactly what it's trying to be.

If someone told you Werner Herzog directed Gotti and it was a Bad Lieutenant-esque lampoon of the gangster genre, you just might believe it. Though there's undeniably a biopic of iconic mobster John Gotti worth making, this clearly isn't it.

In every fibre of its being, it's trying to ape Goodfellas, completely ignoring how many other movies have also tried to do that over the last three decades and failed (though none perhaps as spectacularly as this).

Travolta's swinging-for-the-moon performance is a ludicrously entertaining time, that much is clear, and the film's shameless ticking-off of mob movie cliches does at least make it fine for some demented chuckles.

However, the brutal 110 minute run-time does dent its cult cred ever-so-slightly, though nobody will blame you if you sneak off mid-movie to make more snacks.


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