13 Things You Didn't Know About Friday 13th: The Final Chapter

It ain't over till it's over... and it ain't over.

Paramount Pictures

By 1984, the slasher bubble was beginning to show signs of bursting. The Friday The 13th series had taken 1983 off, and in that year only two examples of the genre - the forgettable House On Sorority Row and belated sequel Psycho 2 - had made the list of top 100 grossing movies in the US.

Producer Frank Mancuso Jr was also feeling burned out on slasher movies. He'd cut his teeth on Friday The 13th right after college, but was itching to prove he could do more, no doubt spurred by the whispering that he'd only got the job because his father was a top Paramount executive.

Taking this into consideration, it was decided that they'd make one more Friday The 13th movie, and sell it on the basis that this really would be the last one: it would be the movie that saw a final end to Jason Voorhees.

Of course, that had been the original idea with Part 3 as well: that final shot of Jason, axe to the forehead, lying in the barn in daylight had certainly seemed to put the kibosh on him coming back.

But you can never put a good monster down...


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