13 Worst Movie Sequel Titles Ever

What were they thinking!?

Quantum Of Solace Daniel Craig

Making a successful movie is only so much about talent and quality - Hollywood is an industry propelled by image and branding, after all.

A great movie title is generally either simple or clever, and in the case of sequels, it also has to nod to what came before in some way.

For example, Aliens is a perfect evolution of Alien, The Dark Knight is an epic escalation of Batman Begins and, awful though it was, Piranha 3DD was a genius act of one-upping Piranha 3D.

But not all films have quite so much thought put into their names, and the resulting audience response is generally either irritation, confusion or exasperated laughter (if not all three).

These 13 films, be they awful horror sequels or surprisingly decent action follow-ups, all have a giant albatross hanging around their necks: a god-awful name you don't ever want to repeat.

Even with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, these embarrassingly bad titles still made it through countless hands at both the creative and business levels without objection.

Above all else, they are a collective guide for movie studios and filmmakers of how not to name your upcoming sequel if you don't want to invite mockery...


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