14 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit Movie

Brendan Fraser deserves better.

Furry Vengeance Brendan Fraser
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There's little more depressing for film fans than seeing a once-successful mega-star fall upon hard times and, let's be honest, sing for table scraps as their box office grosses go down and they inevitably end up starring in straight-to-video movies no big studio wants to touch with a barge pole.

These actors are either clearly just taking whatever offer comes their way, are suffering through an unlucky down period or are simply pursuing whatever suits them artistically, but each hasn't had a bonafide box office smash in a long, long time, and is unquestionably in dire need of it.

Some of these actors might have a hit just around the corner, while others seem like a lost cause and a few have apparently already plotted their exodus to the fast-expanding streaming TV platforms, but if they want to retain and even regain their A-list status, they need an unambiguous, blistering hit to get them back on track...

14. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Drive Angry
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Nicolas Cage has had one of the most fascinating careers of just about any actor. In the 1990s Cage was a force to be reckoned with, scoring hit after hit at the box office and even winning a Best Actor Oscar, but over the last decade his favour with audiences and critics alike has taken a colossal nosedive.

Cage appears in more forgettable straight-to-video thrillers than theatrical releases these days, and so his last starring live-action role to actually make a box office dent was 2012's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Cage has an impressive six movies due for release over the next year, but not one of them seems likely to get an actual theatrical bow, so his depressing streak of duds seems destined to continue for the considerable future.


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