14 Announced Movies That Thankfully Got Cancelled

There is some sense in Hollywood after all.

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It can be a heartbreaking experience for fans when a movie they're looking forward to, typically a sequel, is cancelled out of nowhere.

Often this is for silly, bureaucratic reasons, which only makes the squandering of a potentially great movie that much more frustrating.

However, Hollywood is littered with many more examples of announced films that did audiences a favour by getting scrapped.

Though most of these 14 films could've potentially been entertaining movies, the odds were far greater that they would be embarrassing misfires, given the information that was known about them ahead of production.

For film fans there's little more disheartening than watching the latest entry in one of your favourite franchises while being well aware that it's probably going to be terrible.

That almost certainly would've been the case with these movies, which were smartly abandoned, often in favour of other successful attempts in a different vein...

14. The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Amazing Spider Man
Sony Pictures

The Movie: In a classic act of hubris, Sony announced that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was slated for a June 10, 2016 release almost a year before the previous movie was even released.

Director Marc Webb recently claimed that had the movie been made, it would've seen Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) become the Green Goblin and set-up a Sinister Six film with him leading the supervillain supergroup.

Why It Got Cancelled: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scoring mixed reviews and the worst box office take of any Spidey movie to date effectively killed the third film, and this was officially confirmed when Sony and Marvel Studios finally came to terms on the web-slinger joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in early 2015.

Considering how the MCU Spider-Man is arguably the best ever screen iteration of the character, thank the movie gods for that one.


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