14 Announced Movies That Thankfully Got Cancelled

5. Clerks III

Clerks II
The Weinstein Company

The Movie: Pretty much as soon as Clerks II hit screens in 2006, Kevin Smith talked-up the prospect of making a third film around a decade later.

Though little information was ever made public about the plot, it was clear that Clerks III would reunite audiences with everyone's favourite slackers as they slid gracelessly into middle-age.

Why It Got Cancelled: Jeff Anderson, who plays Randal, opted not to return for the film, effectively killing it, to the disappointment of millions of Smith's fans.

Then again, given that Smith hasn't made a genuinely great film since Clerks II, many fans suspect that the writer-director has lost his signature spark, so it's probably best that he doesn't risk ruining these characters with a lackluster threequel.

After all, it was a miracle that Clerks II was as good as it was, and making another sequel is just tempting fate.


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