14 Impossible Movie Locations You Would Love To Visit

Alice In Wonderland For a hundred years films have transported us to fantastic landscapes, surreal places and futuristic Utopias that we have all longed to visit. One of the reasons why people love cinema so much is because you are taken out of reality for a few hours and get to see truly fascinating worlds that are impossible to visit. Now that film makers have the capability to use computers in creating settings, there are an infinite number of imaginary places we can see. We all have our favourite films and that one place we would love to visit if it was possible. Whether it is in the past, a fictional place set in the present, a place in the future or a location outside Earth altogether - there are some places we would love to go. Here are 15 impossible locations in films that people would love to visit. Please note there will be a few spoilers.

15. Jack Rabbit Slim's (Pulp Fiction)

pulp fiction dance Jack Rabbit Slim's looks like the classic American diner jazzed up to hilarious proportions. It's got novelty waiting staff who dress up like various icons of the 50's, all sorts of weird tables including ones within converted Mustangs, a huge dance floor for twist competitions and glorious five dollar shakes! The scenes in this place with John Travolta and Uma Thurman are pretty weird which kind of makes the whole place seem even more surreal. Pulp Fiction has so many bizarre sequences, most of which are totally unforgettable. Jack Rabbit Slim's might be the only location in Pulp Fiction you would like to visit, simply because it is one of the few places in the film where no one is killed!

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