14 Star Wars Moments George Lucas Wanted You To Forget

These aren't quite the films you were looking for...

When George Lucas signed over his control of Star Wars to Disney in a deal that made an already impossibly rich man even more wealthy, he handed over the reigns like a proud, caring owner passing a beloved collectible on to the next phase of its existence. His statement, which spoke of future possibilities and major potential read like the final triumph of an all-conquering, out-going emperor, infallible, accomplished and ceremonially still the most important person to the empire. Naturally Disney chose not to mention the problems of the past; the wayward decisions, the occasionally despicable merchandising deals or the diminishing returns of everything Lucas had turned his hand to, preferring instead to focus on the strength at the core of the source. And that is precisely the deception that George Lucas has hoped would stick throughout the final years of his control of the property. Frankly Star Wars is far from an unblemished stone, but Lucas was occasionally guilty of the kind of head burying and back-track editing that would undermine the sanctity of his title as the creator of Star Wars, and there is a lot that he probably wants every fan to forget completely. What follows is an account of the mistakes that Lucas made: some he "fixed" himself (whether fans perceived them to have been mistakes or not) and others he simply stubbornly stayed committed to, denying that any issues even existed.

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