14 Terrible Recent Movies Destined To Become Cult Classics

Unforgettable? You betcha.

Unforgettable Katherine Heigl Rosario Dawson
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Though 2017 has been a pretty fantastic year for movies so far, with the likes of Get Out, John Wick: Chapter Two, Logan, Baby Driver, Okja and War for the Planet of the Apes blowing minds worldwide, the year hasn't been completely without its share of absolute, flaming trainwrecks.

However, history is full of critically-panned and commercially unsuccessful movies going on to have a second life on home video, and it seems likely that these films, awful though they are, are destined to find fans as they hit streaming and Blu-ray.

Whether the love is ironic or not, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy bad movies: their dumb charm can be its own reward, an entertaining actor can make terrible material fun, and sometimes some B-movie shlock is exactly what the brain ordered.

From failed attempts at blockbuster franchises to hilariously off-kilter Oscar-baiting dramas, these terrible movies are going to endure at viewing parties and midnight screenings for years to come, rather than fade into the cinematic abyss as they otherwise seemed condemned to...

14. Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks Lucas Till

Why It's Terrible: There are many, many good reasons why this wretched family action-adventure flick only barely made half its colossal $125 million budget back. From the bland direction to the creepy-looking CGI monster and Lucas Till's flat, charisma-free lead performance, it's a movie full of terrible creative decisions that rarely puts a foot right.

Why It'll Be A Cult Classic: The fact that the movie even exists, and at this price point no less, is simply baffling, resulting in one of the more eccentric and materially strange blockbusters of the last 12 months.

That it stars a cavalcade of talented actors, such as Amy Ryan, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover, Jane Levy, Barry Pepper and Thomas Lennon, gives it an entrancingly watchable quality, and when the action actually kicks off, you'll forget how bad everything else is for a few brief moments.

Plus, at least it's not some juvenile, mean-spirited tripe like the Transformers movies, and the people involved are clearly trying, just in all the wrong ways. It's a towering monument to effort in the wrong direction, basically.


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