14 Things That Happen In Movies That Are Scientifically Improbable

That's... that's not how that works...

armageddon bruce willis
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Artistic licence is a wonderful thing, it can create whole new worlds beyond our wildest imaginations, but it doesn't stop us feeling equal parts smug and ticked off when directors begin playing fast and loose with the laws of physics.

Yeah, we get it, if everything in the movies was the same as real life, there would be no reason to go and see them, but sometimes it does seem as though we're being treated like total, dribbling morons.

Unfortunately, once you spot them, the skeptic's mindset is very difficult to shake. Before you know it, you find that you're watching all movies with your arms folded and an expression akin to if someone had just told you that there are fairies at the end of their garden. If you're not careful, you might even find yourself issuing a snort or two of disbelief.

This, unfortunately, means you're a d*ckhead. But at least you're a scientifically accurate d*ckhead.

So, pull on your cynical pants and get ready to crap all over some poor director's artistic vision with a series of snarky comments and eye rolls.

14. Grappling Hook Magic

armageddon bruce willis
Marvel Studios
*Hero falls from the top of a tall building/fortress/cliff*"Ah, I will simply deploy my grappling hook and pull myself to safety."*grappling hook deploys, hooks over wall, hero’s arms are ripped clean off*

The terminal velocity of a human is about 56 m/s (or 120 mph). Now, I don't know about you, but if someone tied my wrists to the back of a car and set off at 120mph, I'd expect them to come off pretty sharpish.

Notable Offenders: Batman, James Bond, that bit in Mulan where she manages to winch two adults and a horse up a cliff with one rope.


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