14 WTF Moments From 2018's Summer Blockbusters

Tears of a Mad Titan.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos Gamora
Marvel Studios

Summer blockbuster season is well and truly over, and even though this summer's output of big-budget movies was totally all over the place, audiences sure weren't left craving weirdness in their glossy tentpole films.

Whether they left you rapturously excited, genuinely shocked, disgusted, amused or some crazed combination of them all, these 14 moments best exemplify summer 2018's movies at their most dementedly shocking and weird.

People were offended, physically repulsed, embarrassed and left laughing maniacally at these scenes regardless of the actual intent, and above all else you have to hand it to the filmmakers and actors for going to some daring, unconventional places.

They didn't all work as Serious Drama, sure, though in several cases they're decidedly more memorable and entertaining as a result. In the wrong hands these moments wouldn't have been nearly as unforgettable and spectacularly peculiar.

And considering how tough it is to do anything remotely interesting or original at the blockbuster level, these off-the-wall moments deserve recognition for pushing boundaries, regardless of the movie's overall quality...


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