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The real life tale of Margaret Keane, a painter who had a self-image problem and allowed her husband to take the credits and plaudits for her popular paintings is greenlit.

One of the movies I'm most disappointed about not seeing this year was 1408, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel starring one of my favourite actors John Cusack, alongside Samuel L. Jackson. So if anyone wants to send me a DVD copy of the film, I would be most grateful! Anyway, Variety report that 1408 scribes Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski will write and direct Big Eyes, a under $20 million project which is being financed exclusively by the Bureau of Moving Pictures Banner. The movie is based on a true story and is one of many projects about real life people they have wrote for the big screen including The People vs. Larry Flint,Ed Wood, Man on the Moon and the currently in limbo Ripley's Believe it or Not! Big Eyes explores the relationship between painter Margaret Keane and her talentless husband Walter, who actually took all the credit for his wife's paintings and lived on the luxuries that brought him. The reason his wife let this go on was because she had a self image problem, and was quite happy to hide away out of the spotlight whilst Walter lauded it up. SPOILERS AHEAD Of course as the paintings became more and more popular, a rift started to form in their marriage and it eventually tore them apart. Margaret some time later would become a Jevovah's witness and would actually come out with the truth that she was the one who drew the paintings. In a climax fitting of a film, the 1965 court case to find out who the works actually belonged to ended with a showdown, where the Judge asked both Margaret and Walter to paint, but of course Walter refused claiming a shoulder injury. She won the case. Below is an example of Keane's work, which are instantly recognisable for their children with big distinctive eyes (hence the title of the film)...


This sounds like a really interesting project, and I really like the works that these guys have produced in the past and it should be pretty cool to see them back behind the camera again. If they get two strong actors to play Margaret and Walter, then they might just have a bit hit on their hands here.
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