15 Actors Stuck In Hollywood's Dog House

A few mistakes and everyone suddenly forgets your talent.

One minute you€™re accepting an Oscar, revelling in the plaudits and the barely disguised envy of your fellow actors, partying long into the night at the behest of Vanity Fair, and trying not to spill Cristal on your borrowed Versace. The next you€™re receiving an invitation from the Razzies and repeat dialling that studio boss who promised you the lead in the next big franchise, who now won€™t return any of your calls. Popularity is a fickle mistress, and for the A-list superstar, B-list mediocrity is all too often a reality. But why? Why are some of your favourite actors destined to be forever earmarked for supporting roles only? If it€™s not down to talent, and so often it isn€™t, why are these household names, and former darlings of award season red carpets left fighting for scraps behind the real elite. Some you'll know well; others maybe not so much but there are some very familiar faces who for whatever reason just cannot catch a break. In truth, some are actors who are never out of work, constantly churning out decent-to-good performances in films so often no better than average-to-poor. Some are former A-list stars and award winners now forced to take whatever their lower tier agent can secure for them as, let€™s face it, everyone knows the cost of maintaining that Malibu beach house. And for some, well, for some their face just doesn€™t seem to fit. Here are a few people whose careers haven't gone quite how they probably imagined, but all is not lost: that first, second, and in some cases final break might be just around the corner.

15. Gerard Butler

Here is an actor who epitomises the term B-list. Despite several starring, and impressive roles including an oiled up king and a shadowy phantom, supplemented by numerous decent supporting ones, reaching the A-list has so far proved elusive for the affable Scot. In truth, it's difficult to see what Butler has done wrong. In his career he's thrown himself wholeheartedly into trying everything: alongside the historical dramas and a musical, Butler has appeared in romantic dramas (P.S. I Love You), Shakespearean epics (Corialanus) and comedy-thrillers (the distinctly unfunny RocknRolla) but nothing has quite garnered the attention of either casting agents or the paying public. There seems to be a sense that Mr Butler is lacking either in true star appeal, or genuine thespian abilities. Nowadays, he seems typecast in swords and sandals €œepics€ such as Gods Of Egypt or the burgeoning repetition that is the €œ€Has Fallen€ franchise with whatever city seems set for destruction at the time. So What Next? There are two directions open to Butler. One would be securing a good role in a Marvel or DC film; the other would be a Foxcatcher-like drama to add credibility and some awards chatter. At the very least, being typecast does ensure a certain amount of offers will come your way.

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