15 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit

And yes, that poster is real.

John Travolta I Am Wrath
Saban Films

Hollywood is a fickle beast: one minute an actor is the toast of the town, and the next they're starring in generic thrillers going straight to VOD.

It's incredible how just one or two wrong career moves can wreck the rest of an actor's career, and it's fair to say that these 15 actors have more than a couple of box office duds on their hands.

Still, everyone loves a redemption story, and so there's genuine hope (for the most part) that these former box office success stories can find that crucial hit that puts them back in the good graces of Hollywood executives.

Some career resurrections are certainly more likely than others, but as the film industry has proven to us all over the years, nothing is ever set in stone, and there's always the potential to be surprised.

Here are 15 actors who desperately need a hit...

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