15 Awesome Horror Movies With Lower Critical Scores Than They Deserve

You won't believe how low Saw's Rotten Tomatoes score is...


Is there any genre critics get wrong more than horror? Quite possibly not.

A strikingly large number of good horror films have middling, dismissive critical scores that are very surprising to say the least, especially since quite a few of these examples are well regarded by horror fans and much of the general public too.

There are many different reasons for this and it will vary from film to film. Often it seems reviewers will be put off by a horror film's prioritisation of an uncomplicated, shock-based plot, or alternatively by a horror film's focus on violence. In such cases, the stuff the film does get right seems to be overlooked, which is a huge shame.

Looking on the bright side, most of the best 2010s horror movies got the high scores they deserved so this trend of good horror movies being written off by critics is perhaps a thing of the past, but the low scores attributed to many excellent horror films in previous years are still pretty infuriating.

Some of these will leave you speechless...

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