15 Awesome Movies To Watch This Summer (That Aren't Blockbusters)

It's a stacked sommar.

Midsommar Florence Pugh

It may only be March, but the summer of movies will be kicking off before you know it, typically characterised by the glut of blockbusters released from April onwards.

And though there's good reason to be excited about all the big-budget tentpoles coming down the pike between April and September, nobody could blame you for craving something a little smaller in-between all the glossiness. After all, a balanced diet is important.

Thankfully, there are plenty of lower-budget movies to offset the potential for Disney tentpole fatigue over the next few months, from unassuming art-house flicks to below-the-radar genre films, cult animations and some enticing streaming offerings on Netflix.

15. Brightburn

Brightburn Elizabeth Banks
Sony Pictures Releasing

Release Date: May 24

The Plot: An alien child (Jackson A. Dunn) crash-lands to Earth where he's taken in by a couple (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman), but soon enough some sinister abilities begin to manifest. It's Superman...but he's a creepy a**hole, basically.

Why It's Going To Be Awesome: This James Gunn-produced, R-rated superhero film looks like a wonderful antidote to the big-scale, CGI-fuelled excess of most comic book films these days.

Conceived at a far lower budget while aiming to tell a more intimate story, Brightburn's "what if..." approach to the Superman myth should provide plenty of meta fun for fans of the genre while delivering lashings of blackly comic thrills.

Don't be surprised if it's one of the best-reviewed superhero flicks of 2019, honestly. Releasing the same day as Aladdin, it couldn't be a more apt antidote.

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