15 Awesome Plot Twists That Totally Saved Awful Movies

Surprising moments that made it all (somewhat) worthwhile.

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A great plot twist can totally make a movie: it'll elevate a good movie to greatness, and in these particular instances, an effective enough twist can take an otherwise pretty terrible movie and rescue it from absolute awfulness, transforming it into something else entirely. These 15 movies, without their clever, shocking and hilarious plot twists, wouldn't be worth watching, yet these surprise left-turns make them just about recommendable, and in some cases, perhaps even "good".

This list includes dull horror movies saved by an unexpected killer reveal, an expectation-shifting twist that completely turned a generic thriller on its head, a final stinging shock so ridiculous it actually made a certain horror film totally work, a clever way of concluding a novel adaptation to shock fans of the series, and delivering a brilliantly bleak ending to a franchise sequel nobody really wanted.

Unsurprisingly, these 15 movies are pretty much best-remembered for their plot twists, because they're the primary element actually worth watching them for, making the films decidedly more entertaining than they would be without, and perhaps even promoting a second viewing to catch all the little details hinting at said twist.

Here are 15 awesome plot twists that totally saved awful movies.

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