15 Awesome Scenes From Trailers That Were Stupidly Cut From The Film

Could we claim our money back for false advertising?


It€'s a well known fact trailers can be misleading.

Regardless, I used to love avidly watching trailers for the latest releases, letting them temper my high levels of expectation. This had the rather negative effect of me spending most of the film just waiting for the key money shots to pop up. And even worse, when one of those moments didn't appear, no matter how much whiz-bang-pop was on the screen, my mind would become obsessed over why that scene from the trailer was cut.

Needless to say, I tend to steer clear of trailers now. Unless you€'re dealing with David Fincher, odds are the trailer€'s been thrown together by a young editor based off a rough cut of the film. This obviously allows for tonal differences and spoilerific content but, more importantly, means that scenes yet to be cut seep through. Despite their absence proving irritating, they give us tantalising looks at deleted scenes months before the DVD release and often are just the tip of subplot iceberg.

Here€'s fifteen trailers with awesome scenes that didn't make it all the way into the final film.

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