15 Awful Films Justice League Actors Want You To Forget

Everyone has to start somewhere, but did it really need to be...there!?

Even a machine as well-oiled as the Marvel Cinematic Universe feature actors who've suffered through some truly wretched films over the years: see for yourself. Its direct rival, the DC Cinematic Universe (or whatever its official name really is), is still struggling to gain momentum, and its cast is certainly no different as far as regrettable previous roles go. Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in Batman v Superman and hasn't got another feature film credit to his name, is the only significant part to escape the humiliation, as from Batman to Superman, The Joker and everyone in-between, most of the well-known actors partaking in this enterprise have some less-than-great work at the bottom of their filmographies. From Razzie-winning catastrophes to big-budget action flops and decades-old movies nobody's really even heard of these days, these 15 actors would much rather pretend these films didn't exist, even if in some cases they might not be where they are now without them. As these disasters prove, work is work, whether you're an up-and-comer or a firmly established star, and what reads on the page won't necessarily work on set or in the edit suite (though that sure as hell doesn't excuse a lot of these "efforts"). Here are 15 awful films Justice League actors would prefer you to forget...

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