15 Best Acted Scenes In MCU Movies

14. The Helicarrier Scene - The Avengers

Marvel Studios

Managing a scene with several characters in will always be challenging. Finding that perfect blend of each character getting their moment in the sun, without it ever feeling too forced, gets more and more difficult the more characters you have – and with a roster only beaten in size by the X-Men, the difficulty bar is set pretty much at maximum.

That said, the scenes that include all of the Avengers are some of the best in the film – especially the antics that take place in the helicarrier just before the team fight. Other well-acted moments in the film tend to focus solely on one of the characters, which is all well and good, but doesn’t really tell us that much about the Avengers as a whole.

This scene serves as our first proper look into the team dynamics, and given how many large personalities it contains, it’s really something that you get an insight into each character.


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