15 Best Comic Book Movie Moments Of 2017

Wonder Woman becomes a cinema icon.

spiderman homecoming

2017 has arguably been one of the best years for comic book movies ever. While Justice League wasn't exactly much to write home about, for the most part the year's big superhero films delivered on their promises, giving fans countless indelible cinematic moments they won't soon forget.

From incredible, devastating death scenes to awesome set-pieces, hilarious meta references, outrageous cameos and much-discussed post-credits scenes, this year in comic book cinema had it all.

And no, it wasn't just the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting to have all the fun: more than half this list is comprised of scenes from DC, X-Men and other comic book movies released over the last 12 months.

Though 2018 is already looking like a year of superhero movies for the ages, with Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 and Aquaman to name just a few, it's going to take some serious doing to top this year's healthy doling-out of awesome comic book movie moments...

15. Cap's Post-Credits Troll - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider Man Homecoming Captain America
Marvel Studios

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are used to seeing their superhero movies conclude with a couple of credits scenes, at least one of which will typically nod to the future of the franchise.

Well, after hinting at the beginnings of the Sinister Six in its mid-credits scene, Spider-Man: Homecoming gave audiences who stuck around until the very end of the credits an almighty troll, as Captain America simply lectured them on the apparent "virtues" of patience.

Cap says, "Hi, I'm Captain America, here to talk to you about one of the most valuable traits a soldier or student can have...patience. Sometimes patience is the key to victory, but sometimes it leads to very little, seems like it's not worth it, and makes you wonder why you waited so long for something so disappointing."

Though it certainly left its share of fans irritated given how long the credits sequences on MCU movies last, it was an undeniably fun way to mock the "important" scenes fans expect to be tucked at the very end of these films.


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