15 Best Films Of 2015 (So Far)

No, Terminator Genisys isn't on here.

Before it actually rolled around, people couldn't be more excited for 2015 (in movie terms at least). The year boasted more high-profile nostalgia pictures than ever before (it even originally hosted Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice before there was release date change) and the Oscar race saw the two most deserving contenders in years vying for Best Picture. Now we're halfway through and it's been... OK. Oh, there's been a lot to like, but the sheer amount of swill that's populating screens is ridiculous. The annual January lull was one of the worst ever, with the likes of Tak-three-n and The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death stinking up cinemas, and the month after was dominated by the abhorrent Fifty Shades Of Grey (still the year's worst film). The in-between months brought more variety, at the very least, even if many hopefuls (Chappie, Child 44) turned out to be duds. Thus far, the Summer of Reboots has been a mixed bag, with many returns from great franchises underwhelming and the occasional more original properties dead on arrival both at the box office and critically (what the heck happened, Tomorrowland). But, for every high-profile disappointment, there's been an interesting, artistically challenging film to wash out the bad taste; 2015 may have given us some of the worst that cinema has to offer, but also some of the best. And, as we pass the mid-point of the year, it's time to take a look back and pick out the fifteen best films of '15. Disclaimer: The films on this list are based off their UK release dates, so some may have been in cinemas internationally before 2015 (and others may yet to have screened elsewhere).

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