15 Best Horror Movies Of 2017

Can anything dethrone IT as being the horror smash of the year?

Bill Skarsgard It Pennywise
Warner Bros.

2017 has been a great year for horror buffs. Coming off an exceptional twelve months that gave fans instant-classics like Don't Breathe, Train to Busan and Under the Shadow, this year has been even better, with huge summer releases as well as indie darlings breaking box office records and drawing in unprecedented audience figures.

Consequently, 2017 has proved horror is healthier than ever. While jump-scare laden genre flicks dominated the early part of the decade, movies such as IT, Get Out and Split have proven that audiences are willing to embrace hard-R, adult-orientated horror movies, leading to a variety of quality films dropping over the past 12 months.

With so much to choose from though, it hasn't been easy to dwindle the end of year list down to only fifteen entries, and there were a few great movies like Happy Death Day which just missed the cut. From John Carpenter-inspired sci-fi terror to stomach-churning gore fests, these are the horror films that dominated audiences' nightmares over the course of 2017.


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