15 Best Movie Villains Of The Decade

14. Immortan Joe - Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Immortan Joe Fury Road
Warner Bros

Though Tom Hardy's own masked bad guy in The Dark Knight Rises might have had an outside shout of making this ranking, it's the similarly disguised villain he faced in Mad Max who left more of a mark.

Played by by Hugh Keays-Byrne - who had previously played Toecutter in the first Mad Max - Joe is a walking, talking Greatest Hits of everything that makes George Miller's dystopian world of grotesques so delightful and occasionally viscerally affecting. He is a guttural wretch of a man, somehow both impossibly powerful and barely able to live - might and tyranny on the very edge of death, in the best Miller World comment possible.

He's lascivious, theatrical and gross to an almost cartoonish degree and he crucially gives the audience an undeniable focal point to hate. He's every grotesque exaggeration of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity (like it or not), chasing his virginal prizes and trying to squash Furiosa's symbolic rise both in his world and the story. And boy is he memorable.


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