15 Best War Movies On Netflix Right Now

Films both on and off the battlefield.

Fury 2014
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War movies have always been a big part of cinema. From The Longest Day to Saving Private Ryan, it is a genre which has stood the test of time to entertain, excite, and in many cases educate moviegoers about key moments in history.

From World War epics to alien invasions, from modern conflict thrillers to introspective dramas, the following list takes a dive into the very best war movies that Netflix currently has to offer. Whether you're after something filled with action or something more measured and away from the frontlines, Netflix has more than enough to keep you busy.

In a lot of cases, war movies are not for the faint of heart, which is fair given the themes and subject matter many of them touch upon. But thanks in equal parts to the acting talent behind the project and the team behind the camera, all the movies talked about on this list are well worth watching.

So, whether you're after sweeping sets and battle scenes or a measured and intelligent character study, here are 15 war movies currently on Netflix waiting to be enjoyed.

15. 12 Strong

Fury 2014

Following the September 11 Attacks a group of US Special Forces soldiers are sent into Afghanistan to take down the local Taliban. There, they team up (rather reluctantly) with a group of fighters known as the Northern Alliance, local soldiers opposed to the Taliban.

Chris Hemsworth takes a break from playing the God of Thunder for the movie, portraying the group leader Captain Nelson. He's joined by Michael Shannon, Michael Pena and Trevante Rhodes and a lot of back-up horses which prove crucial to the group's fight.

Based on the book "Horse Soldiers" by journalist Doug Stanton, 12 Strong is a film detailing one of the very first battles of the War in Afghanistan, and balances strong and intense action sequences with brilliant scenery and strong acting.

It plods briefly in places, but thanks to the energetic action and thoughtful depictions of brave soldiers risking it all, it holds up as a solid and exciting war film.


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