15 Biggest Guilty Pleasure Movies Of 2018

So bad they're good.

Venom Trailer

We may be in the midst of awards season with studios marketing the hell out of their most acclaimed pieces of art, but even the most ardent steak lover craves a cheese-loaded hamburger every now and then, right?

These 15 movies most certainly qualify as guilty pleasures above all else: films that weren't particularly well-received by critics - and straight-up panned in some cases - yet nevertheless found a home with audiences who could appreciate them for their shamelessly entertaining stupidity.

As much as you might love the likes of Annihilation, Hereditary, BlacKkKlansman, Roma, The Favourite and so on, you really need to be in a specific mindset to watch those films.

With their simpler plots and characters, however, these 15 movies check artistry at the door and are as a result decidedly easier to guzzle down when you're craving some mental downtime (or nursing a killer hangover).

While falling short of the filmmakers' intent, entertaining is entertainment any way you cut it, and if you're in the mood for some slick froth that doesn't tax the brain, these movies will do the trick...


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