15 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy The Dark Knight Trilogy

Fanboys need to stop defending these issues and just accept it's not perfect.

There's no doubting the influence that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga has had on blockbuster cinema as a whole: his dark, gritty style has been adopted by numerous high-profile films, perhaps most obviously Sam Mendes' Skyfall, which was about as Batman as a James Bond film could ever be short of kitting Daniel Craig out in a Batsuit. With a mountain of critical acclaim and an even bigger pile of money generated from Nolan's franchise, the series is about as entertaining as Hollywood blockbusters can get, but even so, that doesn't mean the films aren't without their issues and gaping flaws that simply have to be accepted in order to still enjoy the movies. Plot holes and dubious logic are highly abundant throughout all three films, as well as some unfortunate technical issues, while Nolan's cold, "detached" directorial approach is also a bit of a problem, and of course, the trilogy is subject to the constraints of needing to print as much money as possible rather than trying something a little more daring and interesting. Though none of these problems ruin the franchise either together or on their own, they're each an issue (easily rectified in most instances) that fanboys need to stop defending and just accept: most of these moments are relatively troubling, but if you just relax and concede that these three excellent films are a little rough around the edges, you'll have an easier time watching them.

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