15 Darkest Disney Villains Of All Time

11. The Coachman - Pinocchio (1940)

There are actually a fair few villains in the Pinocchio feature cartoon, given its piecemeal narrative - and none of them really qualify as a Disney Villain on the scale of some of the others on this list. That is, until you get to The Coachman, the man (if he is a man) who collects runaway boys who€™ve gone off the rails and lures them to Pleasure Island. There, these artful dodgers are free to do whatever they wish. It€™s the Land Of Do As You Please from Enid Blyton€™s children€™s novel The Magic Faraway Tree€ except that there are consequences for these actions.
All of the boys running around raising hell on Pleasure Island will, eventually, turn into donkeys. When they do, The Coachman (with his minions, shadowy creatures with glowing red eyes) captures them and chains them up to be sold into slavery. At this point, every kid under the age of ten has probably soiled him/herself with terror. Sadistic, cruel and vicious, The Coachman whips his own goons and does what he does seemingly just for the fun of it. The moralistic aspect of this part of the story (mind your mothers and fathers, little boys) seems to make him out to be a devilish character, almost satanic, and were he around for more than a few minutes in this film, he€™d appear far higher on this list.

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