15 Most Deranged Movie Psychopaths

We've lost too many sleepless nights over the impact these deranged men and women had on us.

Sin City Roark Jr It is a common misconception that psychopaths are the reserve of horror films. Though it is true that in virtually every horror flick we encounter these deranged human beings, psychos occupy a surprisingly broad range of film genres. Whether it be through their use of dark charisma or just for their disturbing actions, these horrifying characters are often the most memorable aspect of the films in which they appear. It is another misconception that these deranged psychopaths have to be human. HAL 9000 is an excellent example of a non-human psychopath, though its slightly sympathetic nature means that 2001: A Space Odyssey€™s sentient computer wasn€™t deranged enough to warrant a place on this list. Cinema is littered with all manner of psychopaths but it takes a special kind of antagonist to resort to actions so inhuman, violent, despicable or just wrong that they may be considered among this list of the most depraved characters to have ever appeared on the silver screen. Long after the end-credits had rolled the actions of these 15 psychopaths lingered with us, causing us many a sleepless night. Their shocking conduct was enough to appall us so much that their names will be recorded in the annals of cinematic history as the most deranged men and women ever.

15. Tommy DeVito (Goodfellas)

In a performance which deservedly earned him the Oscar nod for best supporting actor, Joe Pesci stole the show in Goodfellas as the most unpredictable, deranged figure we had ever witnessed in a gangster film. Despite his unimposing frame, comedic voice and wise-cracking, Tommy can turn violent in an instant and certainly shouldn€™t be trifled with. This is proven in brutal fashion when he beats Billy Batts €“ a former mentor €“ to death for praising his skill as a shoe-shine boy. After throwing the Gambino mobster in the trunk of his car to find a suitable location to dump the body, DeVito makes sure there is no chance of Billy surviving the abhorrent beat down by stabbing at him wildly with a large kitchen knife. Like many psychopaths, Tommy experiences a rush from intimidating and exerting his power over those around him. This is seen in the iconic, improvised €œFunny How?€ scene with one of his best friends (Ray Liotta€™s Henry Hill) but is even more apparent in his treatment of the luckless waiter who he shoots to death. After Spider €“ played by Michael Imperioli who would go on to enjoy a leading role in The Sopranos €“ proves to be an incompetent waiter, Tommy ridicules him in front of his cronies before shooting him to death. Tommy proves to be so deranged and uncontrollable that the mob is eventually forced to take him out, proving that no individual is greater than the Mafia: regardless of how psychopathic they might be.
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