15 Disney Songs Sure To Trigger Nostalgia

There have been Disney songs in feature length animated movies for almost eighty years. That is amazing in itself, but the true testament to the staying power of these songs is how they have lingered in the memory of the audiences who heard them. They are an integral ingredient of the movies they accompany, yet they can also stand alone with surprising success. There is something about hearing a Disney song that causes reflection and a longing for times past. Sometimes people find this sad in a way, but it doesn€™t have to be. Instead, let€™s celebrate the Disney songs that had us singing along throughout our childhoods and, inevitably, beyond. To ensure that there is an appropriate time span between now and the release of these songs, the choices here are limited to films that were released before 2000, with only a single song from each movie qualifying in the interest of diversity. Remember, this is not necessarily what I think are the best Disney songs. These are the ones most likely to make you reminisce. This is a list for all Disney fans, no matter how old you are. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
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