15 Dumbest Razzie Nominations Of All Time

What were they thinking!?

Danny DeVito Batman Returns The Penguin
Warner Bros.

The Golden Raspberry Awards, more commonly known as the Razzies, aims to celebrate the very worst of cinema that Hollywood serves up every year, but they sadly don't always get things right.

Just as the Oscars frequently snubs deserving nominees, the Razzies often decides to pick on actors, directors and entire movies for wholly the wrong reasons.

Perhaps a controversial movie upon release grew to become a cult classic in later years, or maybe Razzie voters (that's anyone who pays the membership fee, by the way) simply had a desire to pull a popular actor down a few pegs for kicks. Either way, these 15 nominations transcend any reasonable critical logic.

Yes, the Razzies are intended to be a silly ceremony that pokes fun at the self-seriousness of the annual Oscar circus, but in these instances, they took things way too far, and ended up singling out completely blameless parties that didn't deserve such negative attention...

15. Jim Carrey (Worst New Star)

Dumb And Dumber Jim Carrey
New Line Cinema

One of the Razzies' more mean-spirited awards has been their Worst New Star statue, which was eventually discontinued in 1999.

However, in 1995 they decided to nominate Jim Carrey for the award for his performances in Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber and The Mask, placing him in contention with Shaq (Blue Chips) and eventual winner Anna Nicole Smith (The Naked Gun 33 1/3).

Considering that all three of the aforementioned Carrey movies were financially successful and two were critically acclaimed, with Carrey being a major reason, he felt completely out of place in this category.

Given the legacy that Carrey has cemented for himself as a comedy legend, the nomination just gets more ridiculous as more time passes.


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