15 Films Critics Got Right (But Audiences Got Wrong)

Don't check IMDb with these movies.

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In general, nobody trusts a film critic. They generally seem to be regarded as snobbish and too harsh on most movies and while they can be a little bit unfair on some films (or a little too kind with others), critics aren't nearly as untrustworthy as you believe.

In cases where critics and audiences disagree on movies, it's often the case that critics get it right instead of the audiences. Audiences, as displayed by their scores on sites such as IMDb, have often been far too lenient with terrible blockbuster films and also far too harsh on more unconventional, arty movies.

For all their faults, critics tend to know a good or a bad film when they see them and this is another reminder that it's always best to check both audience and critics scores when deciding whether or not to give a movie a go, since quite often one side will give a misleading opinion.

With these following modern movies, it's best to stay well away from IMDb or the audience scores on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, since the critics recognized the true level of quality in these movies far better than audiences.

15. The Shape Of Water

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck Henry Cavill
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Rotten Tomatoes: 92% (Average rating: 8.4)

IMDb: 7.4

Well, we all knew this was coming. The Best Picture winner nearly always faces an audience backlash and the audience score has already dropped considerably. On both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic the audience score is noticeably lower as well (73% and 7.0 compared to 92% and 87 respectively).

There is no real reason for Shape of Water to face any backlash. To be honest, Three Billboards, Lady Bird, Dunkirk, Get Out and Call Me By Your Name were all better films but The Shape of Water is still a very fine film.

In terms of acting, storytelling, visuals and its feat of making a sex scene between a human and a fish-man heart-warming and touching, this is 100% a good movie but it's also the Best Picture winner everyone has been waiting for. It's an oddball genre movie that's far from being Oscar-Bait, so it actually a very interesting winner.

When a film is hyped up like this, it's understandable that some might declare it overrated but it's always better to give something a fair chance and separate from any outside circumstances. Regardless of whether or not it deserved the Best Picture Oscar, this is still a very good film and it's a shame that audiences already seem to be turning on it.

Then again, at least it's not alone. The King's Speech, Argo and Birdman have also faced hugely unfair backlashes after winning Best Picture as well.

Should Be Rated: 7.7


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