15 Films You Didn't Realise Were Based On Comic Books

You would have never expected these movies to be comic book adaptations.

A History of Violence
New Line Cinema

The word "comic" is virtually synonymous with characters like Iron Man, Hulk, and Wonder Woman. Because superheroes are the most identifiable form of comic book storytelling, it's easy to forget that there are other genres. It's not all Marvel and DC Comics. In fact, there is no storytelling style that hasn't been covered through this medium.

Because most moviegoers are oblivious to this, they might be confused to learn a kid's musical, a post-apocalyptic survival drama, or a dark comedy was adapted from a graphic novel. It's equally fascinating to learn how much the adaptations have diverted from the source material.

There are naysayers that claim to hate comic books, unaware that some of history's most iconic films stemmed from hand-drawn story-telling. These films could be adapted from a single issue, a newspaper strip, or a long-running series.

As it becomes common knowledge that the most well-written and groundbreaking comics aren't all about vigilantes in tights and capes, it gives lesser-known series a chance to be discovered. Even if you are fully aware of the diverse range of genres in comics, there are probably more adaptations of the medium than you ever imagined.

15. Over The Hedge

A History of Violence

Over the Hedge has the distinction of being the first CGI film based on a comic strip. The 1995 comic series centres around a turtle, squirrel, and raccoon. As the trio notice suburbia is gradually taken over their habitat, they encourage the animals to try and adapt.

While the woodland critters adjust to the surge of people in the area, they can't help being lured by human food and technology, inciting all sorts of hilarious hi-jinx. The comic has proven to be so popular, it is still going strong after twenty-five years.

The way the characters are depicted in the film are pretty spot-on. But since the comic strip doesn't have an overarching plot, the filmmakers had to invent the entire story of how RJ is stealing food to give to a bear after he destroyed its stash.


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