15 Fixes To Save The DC Extended Universe

The Darkest Knight.

Batman Ben Affleck R
Warner Bros.

After Batman v Superman landed with critical indifference and fan outrage earlier this year, fans assured themselves it was simply a bump in the road and Suicide Squad would right all wrongs.

Then Suicide Squad came out and earned marginally worse reviews than BvS, causing many fans to consider that there just might be some troubling systemic issues in Warner Bros' DC Extended Universe.

It's safe to say that critical reception does affect box office on movies like this (it may have no bearing on, say, Transformers), and if Warner want to reach that coveted billion-dollar movie anytime soon, they're going to need to fix the myriad issues holding them back from even solid reviews.

Though there are some encouraging signs ahead, and the DCEU's next two projects in particular are extraordinarily promising, remember that we all said that about their two most recent ones as well. It really could go either way, so it's probably best to keep your expectations hovering in the middle from this point on.

Here are 15 fixes to save the DC Extended Universe...


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