15 Great War Movies (Nobody Ever Talks About)

From Gulf War heists to time travelling in Dresden to beer-swilling pilots, to haunted veterans...

Three Kings
Warner Bros.

The war film comes in many forms, with the venerable cinematic institution being as plentiful throughout screen history as real life conflicts have unfortunately proven to be throughout human history.

Some are psychedelic re-imaginings of the horrors of war, some are sharp comedies designed to lampoon its folly, and some are straight up horror movies, comedies, and even heist films which use the trappings of the war movie genre to liven up proceedings.

The diverse array of war films here listed here have little in common with one another, but one thing that binds them all like a veritable band of brothers is how regrettably underrated these war flicks are. With that in mind, here are fifteen great war movies which slipped past most viewers upon their initial release.

15. Tigerland

Three Kings
New Regency

Directed by the late, great Joel Schumacher, 2003's critically acclaimed financial flop Tigerland is testament to the misunderstood director's versatility.

Taking a leaf from Stanley Kubrick's more insular and merciless Full Metal Jacket, this intense flick may technically be considered a Vietnam film but it's one which never leaves the US training camp where soldiers were prepared (read: desensitized) for the forthcoming slaughter.

A young Colin Farrell is superb as the heroic conscientious objector who makes it his mission to save his fellow privates from actually shipping out, and the film makes for one of Schumacher's most underrated cinematic outings in its harrowing story of a training camp which becomes hell on earth for our heroes


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