15 Greatest Cult Actors Of All Time

Why don't these guys get the credit they deserve?

Cult films can be anything, from an awful low-budget B-movie, to a forgotten classic, to an experimental, transgressive masterpiece. This makes cult fandom pretty diverse and hard to classify - no two cult cinema fans are ever alike. Although that's kinda the point - if you've ever obsessively followed the career of a lesser-known actor, argued about filmic trivia online, dressed up as your favourite cinematic character or spent a large chunk of your life at screenings featuring spoons being thrown at the screen, you're a fan of cult cinema. It's less about liking certain movies than absolute dedication to film as medium, and a refusal to bow to the expectations of the major studios. Regardless of personal preferences, every fan of these strange (often independent) films knows who the true heroes of the form are; everyone loves the underdog actors that bring these oddball releases to life. Some of these actors had moments of A-list fame, only to slip back into the wilderness of TV movies and films that never saw cinematic release. Some have spent their whole careers working with directors that struggle to fund their films, turning out consistently stunning performances despite having to star in several little-watched films a year just to pay the bills. Others haven't appeared in that many movies at all, but their few performances have remained iconic for those in-the-know. These are cinema's workaholics, without whom the industry would be nothing like it is today. Here are the greatest fifteen cult actors that every lover of weird, low-budget, countercultural films will be aware of, and that everyone else should get to know.

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