15 Greatest Death Scenes In The Saw Franchise

So gross.

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Lionsgate looks to revitalise the Saw franchise with the impending release of Jigsaw, the first entry into the smash hit horror series since 2010's widely-ridiculed Saw 3D, so what better time to revisit Saw's most creative, ridiculous and straight-up unpleasant death scenes?

Though the quality of the Saw films is all over the place, even the lesser movies know how to serve up memorable traps and iconic deaths, forcing viewers to consider what they'd do in such a situation, and sparing little detail when the blood is inevitably spilled.

Whether darkly comic, fearlessly torturous or giddily gory in nature (or all of the above), these deaths are no doubt burned into the retinas of Saw fans the world over, serving as shocking reminders of just how twisted the minds behind this franchise truly are.

Regardless of how you regard Jigsaw's overall methodology (thought-provoking, silly, or both?), these are the squirm-inducing kills you haven't been able to shake all these years later...

15. The Magnum Peephole (Saw II)

Saw II Gus

Let's kick things off with one of the more comical and unexpected deaths in the Saw franchise. In the second movie, Gus and Xavier decide to use a key on the door sealing them inside the house, even though a note attached to the key tells them not to.

As Xavier turns the key, Gus looks through the door's peephole, at which point a magnum attached to the other side of the door fires a bullet clean through the peephole, killing Gus instantly.

There's nothing especially clever about this one and it relies on an incredible amount of convenience to kill anyone, but the sheer shock factor of the gun going off makes it a savage kill all the same.

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