15 Live-Action Remakes Disney Are Currently Developing

Disney have been busy this past year announcing live-action remakes of the animated classics.

It may have all began with a mouse, but Disney was built on the foundations of telling classic fairytales as animated features. Producing 54 feature length animated films over the past 78 years, they have become a household name and a multi award-winning powerhouse. With their legacy cemented for eternity, the studio moved to cashing in on their successes. First came the direct-to-DVD market during the 90s/00s and now the animation studio has begun a similar process again. These past twelve months have witnessed Disney announce an array of projects, with many of them being live-action remakes of their classic animations. So far, they've seen a few hits come their way by rebooting their animated library, with Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent and this yearʼs Cinderella, all proving the idea works and sells. All have brought in streams of cash at the box office and allowed younger generations to explore these stories and characters for the first time. Given the amount of projects Disney have announced recently, it can be a little difficult keeping track of whats coming our way in the future. So, weʼve collected all the live-action remakes Disney have announced and given you some details on their current statuses.

15. The Sword And The Stone

The Original: The animated classic is loosely based on T.H. Whiteʼs 1938 novel of the same name, which became a part of the Arthurian fantasy series, The Once and Future King. The Sword And The Stone was a financial success nabbing $22,182,353 at the box office, becoming the sixth highest grossing film of 1963. However, it received mixed reviews, with many critics calling out its over-stuffed comedy and thin narrative. The reaction didnʼt stop the movie from gaining an Academy Award nomination for Best Score, and countless of children's hearts, though. The Planned Remake: The Sword And The Stone is being developed by Game Of Thrones writer/producer Brian Cogman, who is currently penning the screenplay. Cogmanʼs work on Game Of Thrones has earned him four WGA Award nominations, with many of his episodes of the hugely popular television show revered, so it looks to be in safe hands.

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