15 Major Historical Inaccuracies That Undermine Famous Movies

Don't believe everything you hear.

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Since the dawn of cinema, movies have looked to history to provide inspiration for their stories. Historical stories are always fascinating to see but, understandably, no movie can ever fully replicate the truth. As a result, deviations from historical fact are inevitable, but there are still many unnecessary inaccuracies in movies which really undermine the film as a whole.

Whether to cut time, make the subjects more sympathetic or even just to add excitement to the film, 'historical' movies do play around with history a lot A large amount of this is probably motivated by sanitizing the films in order to seem more Oscar-friendly, since historical dramas are a big Oscar staple. This is a screen-writing practice that needs to die.

Artistic licence can work, but more often than not people will watch and enjoy a film claiming to be based on reality, only to have the film ruined once they do some fact-checking. With true story movies, the factual part is often the film's hook and main draw; if this hook is messed with, it seriously hurts the film's credibility, as is the case with these following movies. They're largely worth watching, but don't use them for fact-checking...


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