15 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s

valhalla rising Every year, certain movies fall through the cracks and don't quite receive the recognition they deserve from either critics or audiences. Maybe they didn't have any big name stars or directors, or they dealt with subject matter that people didn't find appealing but whatever the reason, these fifteen movies were not quite as appreciated as they deserved to be. The criterion for underrated is hard to determine but definite rule breakers were an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, or extensive placement on year end top ten lists. They also could not place too highly on IMDB, although one movie on here did manage to crack the top 250 it is not in the upper half and has less then 100,000 votes. The movies are ranked somewhat in order of quality, although some of the lower ranked ones are only that low because they did garner extensive acclaim but not quite as much as they deserved while some of the later ones are only above average but received mostly negative reviews. All of these movies are worth watching and some of them deserve to be classics so definitely check them out when you have a chance, try to keep an open mind, and decide for yourself if they deserve more recognition than was given to them.

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