15 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

Greetings What Culture readers! My name is Savage Ron, and I€™d like to welcome you to my first post. After months of coming up with a great idea for an article submission, only to be beaten to the punch by someone else with a damn near identical article, I finally got one, and here it is: The Top 15 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013! Yes, it€™s only October, and yes there are still 3 films from this year€™s most anticipated list that haven€™t yet been released (Skyfall, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Django Unchained), but it€™s never too soon to look ahead to the AWESOME slate of movies heading to our screens next year. While 2012 has been a pretty decent year for films so far, even with the glut of superhero films and sequels, I think next year could end up looking like 2009, in terms of out of nowhere surprises and good ol€™ original sci-fi - something that has been lacking in recent years, at least good examples anyway. Side note - the top 4 are all wholly original scripts; number one was actually my number two most anticipated of 2012, before it got pushed back til €˜13. That€™s the only hint you€™ll get, so you must read on to see which movies we€™ll all be talking about next year, and should already be looking forward to. Honorable Mentions: Monster€™s University, The Great Gatsby, World War Z, Oldboy (remake), Stoker, Oz The Great and Powerful
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