15 Most Confusing Movie Moments Nobody Understands

From surprise iguanas to raining frogs and everything in-between...

The Matrix Well Duh
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As film fans, everyone's sat through a movie and had an overwhelming feeling of stupidity wash over them, as they found themselves unable to figure out what a particular scene meant. Why did that thing just come out of nowhere and completely derail the movie?

Rest easy, though, because you're probably not alone, and in the case of these 15 obtuse, bizarre and impenetrable scenes, you're definitely not the only one totally confused. What causes a scene to completely befuddle audiences can range from hilariously out-of-place dialogue to surreal scenes seemingly intended to confuse viewers, visual symbolism that's difficult to categorise, scenes that fail to adhere to previously-established fantasy logic, and of course, when iguanas show up completely out of nowhere.

Whether simply the most confusing scene in an already challenging movie or an out-of-nowhere blast of the surreal, these 15 movie scenes have bemused audiences ever since release, and will surely leave viewers debating their merits (or lack thereof) for decades to come. This article will attempt to peel back some of the meaning behind these peculiar scenes, but for the most part, don't expect any concrete answers.

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